Our People

Our People

Our People

At Early Learning Centre Cranbourne East, we employ friendly, caring educators who are passionate about children and early education. We appreciate that all children are different and learn in various ways so we aspire to create educational experiences that match your child’s specific interests.

Audrey Misso

Centre Manager

Years in childcare: 20 years

Qualifications: Diploma in Children’s Services

What makes you passionate about working in childcare? I am passionate about childcare because I believe that every child deserves a fun, caring, nurturing environment where they can learn, thrive and grow in a positive place. From personal experience I know that children gain so much from being in care. They are able to develop skills that they would not normally develop as they are exposed to different children, educators and many different experiences.

What is the funniest or most memorable moment you can share from working in childcare? It’s difficult to choose one specific memorable moment because I have so many, however my most memorable moments are from families that have been with us from when their children were a few months old to graduating Kinder. The moment they’re graduating Kinder is a special moment with families and it is very memorable to be able to share and celebrate their development over the years and send them off to school with well wishes.  

Why do you believe your centre is an excellent choice for parents seeking the best childcare? There are many reasons I believe our centre is the best choice for families. Firstly, we run as a family and we have many of our own children that attend this centre. We encourage play amongst children who know one another outside of the centre. Our educators are nurturing, caring educators who are passionate about their roles and understand that their job leaves a significant mark in each child’s life.